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check outhiguy!

plus alot more hints from crowfall!

what do you think about the map :o

or the gods reach

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which pic ithis :D
What is the camera and control interface?

3d person (over the shoulder) mouse and keyboard controls.  In this particular area, we are similar to traditional MMOs.
How does character creation work?
You start the Character Creation with a set number of creation points.  You pick an “Archetype” class –basically a race/class combo – from an initial set of options.  Each Archetype has a point cost.  That cost varies depending on the base attributes and skills of that Archetype.  For example, Centaurs have a higher starting Strength, so they are more expensive.  This means they have less points left over to spend…
Can the character appearances be customized?
Yes.  We will offer the ability to customize your character (hair styles, color and faces) in Character Creation.  Further customization can be done in-game, by collecting equipment.
How does character advancement work?
Crowfall uses a skills-based system to resolve in-game actions.  Characters do not have discrete “levels” like most traditional MMOs.  This means that there are MANY, MANY potential ways to advance your character at any given time.
There are two ways that a character can increase her or her skills: passive training (in a method similar to “Eve Online”) and active training (i.e. doing things in game).
check out the legionnaire!
My name is Gaius Aurelius. I was bred to be a warrior, and I did not disappoint.
My chosen weapons are axe, lance, bow and blade. I am the ninth in my family to be chosen as a member of the Red Brigade. This proves our superior breeding.
My actions are recorded in the Book of Deeds, and I take pride for they are mine and mine alone.
I, Gaius Aurelius, fought at the Battle of Cyrena, when the Centaur Legion routed the Stonemen who nested like vermin in the cracks of the mountain.
I, Gaius Aurelius, stood on the Senate floor when the Oathbreakers tried to steal our Empire through trickery. My spear ended Kylan the Whisperer and the rebellion with him.
I, Gaius Aurelius, took for my wife Cloelia Iulianus, Jewel of the Empire, She Who Could Not Be Tamed.
I sired four sons: warriors, all. I take pride in knowing they were mine.
Our Empire stands unrivalled. One hundred Worlds, ours by right. If not for the Hunger, we would surely rule the Realms of Man. In the name of Valkyn, the All-Father, of course!

My name is Gaius Aurelius. I will be remembered.’’

looks like they gave us some hints of whats comming. anyone else intrigued?

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which game brought you to crowfall

if it wasnt any of these write it in the comments bellow! :D
check out the crowfall wiki!